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Apr 23, 2013 5:00pm PDT
as they sitting through the latest reports from apple, ink. good morning. what do investors see in apple? >> good morning. the latest financial results from the tech giant were better than most analysts predicted. still, investors see a loss of momentum because officials and apple saw their quarterly earnings fall for the first time in a decade. they say the decline in the january to march period stems from sales of lower priced products. officials said on tuesday their net profit tumbled nearly 18% year on year in the last quarter to less than $10 billion. earnings are down despite an 11% rise in sales to more than $43 billion. customers chose cheaper models with smaller profit margins. but chief executive, tim cook, said he's optimistic about apple's future and said the recent fall in the sre price has been frustrating to him and his staff but added the company's position remains strong. apple officials said they will share $55 billion in profit with stakeholders through dividends and share buybacks. investors see this decision as a way to ease tensions over apple's lackluster performance and f
Apr 17, 2013 5:00pm PDT
as shares of apple fell in relation to one of the suppliers on its outlook sighting in ipad shipments. we're going to being looking out for component suppliers here in japan that make a lot of parts that go into products such as tablets and smart phones of which apple makes many of those as well. we keep track of that sector as well. >> kicking off later today the g-20 over in washington, d.c. as we've been reporting a lot of focus will be on the recent weakening yen. where do we stand lead of that key meeting? >> a lot of market players will be watching the g-20 meeting and thedollar/yen. that may trade in a ltle bit of rgehead of that meeting and it's still weaker than it was this time yesterday when it was at the mid 97 yen levels. we'll keep track of that. the euro/yen 127.54 to 59. it traded up to upper 129 during wednesday. as you can see now 127.49 to 52. there were concerns that the european central bank may cut interest rates to boost growt in the euro zone. we'll keep track of currency markets. a bit of a focus there for the tech sector following those moves in apple shares and
Apr 16, 2013 7:30am EDT
york times" also won a pulitzer for reporting on the practices of apple and other technology companies. judges praised "the times" for exposing excessive working hours and other harsh conditions at contract manufacturers in china and elsewhere. >>> millions of rural chinese migrate to cities every year in search of work. for many, this means more than simply leaving home. it means leaving their children. more than 60 million children are now being raised by relatives who are not their parents. the problem lies in the country's household registry system. the government runs separate status for rural and urban families. migration is tightly restricted to prevent the population from being concentrated in cities. only people who live in areas in which they're registered receive public services like education. so when rural chinese migrate to cities, it's difficult to take their children with them. some people criticize the system. they say breaking off families isn't good for kids or for the nation. nhk world's reporter reports. >> reporter: in rural province, many workers have moved to ci
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)